EVET SOCRATES: Random Music Vols. I to XXVIII
(ideas and songs put down on cassette throughout his career.)
EVET SOCRATES: Songs of Theatrix (1988)
AD ASTRA: Obscure (1989)
AD ASTRA: Live (1989)
AD ASTRA: Subversion (1989) (remastered 2009)
EVET SOCRATES: Comfort Creatures (1991)
EVET SOCRATES: Tableaux (1994)
EVET SOCRATES: Darkdays (1994)
SIRENS: Stardust Splinters (1995)
EVET SOCRATES: Echospheres (1996)
EVET SOCRATES: Skullcap (1996)
FRESCO AEGEA: Swallowgills (1997)
EVET SOCRATES: Ozima (1998)
EVET SOCRATES: Doptricity (2000)
EVET SOCRATES: Quixotic (2001) (Remastered 2011)
EVET SOCRATES: Sadhana (2002)
EVET SOCRATES: Perfidy (2002)
VAPOUREYES: Samasara (2003)
EVET SOCRATES: Original Astrolux Soundtrack (2005)
EVET SOCRATES: Maharaja Visions (2007) (originally recorded 2004)
EVET SOCRATES: Scare Unlimited (2007)
ELECTRIC SOCRATES: Space Vacation (OZ2008)
AD ASTRA: Subversion: 20th Anniversary Remastered (2009)
EVET SOCRATES: Vestige of Prestige (2011)
EVET SOCRATES: Giver's Delight (2012)
EVET SOCRATES: Lace and Steel (2015)
EVET SOCRATES: Astral Pictures (2016)

ELECTRIC SOCRATES: Space Vacation (2017)
EVET SOCRATES: Hyperbeautiful- Remastered (2017)
EVET SOCRATES: OZIMA Was Her Name- 20th Anniversary (2018)
EVET SOCRATES: Blood and Circuitry (2018)


ASTROLUX-The Movie: 10th Anniversary Edition (2016)
The Astropheliac (2014)
Red Glyph Alpha (2014)
Riddle of Steele: Remastered (2014)
I Died for Beauty: Remastered (2014)

Babylon Zoo, Peter Murphy- Deep, BAUHAUS: (R.I.P Final Concert 30th Anniv. Ed.). KISS: The Elder, RUSH: Hold Your Fire, Type-O- Negative: Dead Again, Ace Frehley: Fantasy Collection,
Shred and Kisses: The Ultimate Collection of Strange and Beautiful Guitar, Cocteau Twins- Detroit Live, Dynamic Echoes
(These can be found at
(see also Evet's Cocteau Twins Youtube page- for all of the finest Cocteau Twins rarities)

Current Offering

"Astral Pictures" is Evet's newest album, full of explosive beats and edgy 12 string, features the songs "Rainbow Woman" "She's A Goddess" "Love Overboard" and "Demolition Dame"

Essential Listening

"Hyperbeautiful" is a passionate and lyrical collection of dancey Techno-Rock songs.

High Octane Rock

"Maharaja Visions" is Evet's excursion into global and universal conscioussness and sound.

Existentialist Muse

"Ozima Was Her Name" was Evet's first full project in a studio. See the Ozima page for details.