EVET SOCRATES: Random Music Vols. I to XXVIII
(ideas and songs put down on cassette throughout his career.)
EVET SOCRATES: Songs of Theatrix (1988)
AD ASTRA: Obscure (1989)
AD ASTRA: Live (1989)
AD ASTRA: Subversion (1989) (remastered 2009)
EVET SOCRATES: Comfort Creatures (1991)
EVET SOCRATES: Tableaux (1994)
EVET SOCRATES: Darkdays (1994)
SIRENS: Stardust Splinters (1995)
EVET SOCRATES: Echospheres (1996)
EVET SOCRATES: Skullcap (1996)
FRESCO AEGEA: Swallowgills (1997)
EVET SOCRATES: Ozima (1998)
EVET SOCRATES: Doptricity (2000)
EVET SOCRATES: Quixotic (2001) (Remastered 2011)
EVET SOCRATES: Sadhana (2002)
EVET SOCRATES: Perfidy (2002)
VAPOUREYES: Samasara (2003)
EVET SOCRATES: Original Astrolux Soundtrack (2005)
EVET SOCRATES: Maharaja Visions (2007) (originally recorded 2004)
EVET SOCRATES: Scare Unlimited (2007)
ELECTRIC SOCRATES: Space Vacation (2008)
AD ASTRA: Subversion: 20th Anniversary Remastered (2009)
EVET SOCRATES: Vestige of Prestige (2011)
EVET SOCRATES: Giver's Delight (2012)
EVET SOCRATES: Hyperbeautiful- Remastered (2014)
ELECTRIC SOCRATES: Lux Aeterna (2015)
EVET SOCRATES: Lace and Steel (2015)
EVET SOCRATES: Astral Pictures (2016)


ASTROLUX-The Movie: 10th Anniversary Edition (2016)
The Astropheliac (2014)
Red Glyph Alpha (2014)
Riddle of Steele: Remastered (2014)
I Died for Beauty: Remastered (2014)

Babylon Zoo, Peter Murphy- Deep, BAUHAUS: (R.I.P Final Concert 30th Anniv. Ed.). KISS: The Elder, RUSH: Hold Your Fire, Type-O- Negative: Dead Again, Ace Frehley: Fantasy Collection,
Shred and Kisses: The Ultimate Collection of Strange and Beautiful Guitar, Cocteau Twins- Detroit Live, Dynamic Echoes
(These can be found at

Current Offering

"Astral Pictures" is Evet's newest album, full of explosive beats and edgy 12 string, features the songs "Rainbow Woman" "She's A Goddess" "Love Overboard" and "Demolition Dame"

Essential Listening

"Hyperbeautiful" is a passionate and lyrical collection of dancey Techno-Rock songs. Will be remastered this Summer.

High Octane Rock

"Maharaja Visions" is Evet's excursion into global and universal conscioussness and sound.

Existentialist Muse

"Ozima Was Her Name" was Evet's first full project in a studio. See the Ozima page for details.