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From my movie Astrolux, I show how to harness your creativity to be there when you need it. Set up cool little musical challenges for you to solve using these ideas. Don't be limited and never stop learning. See the movie page here:

Astrolux Page

Pink Orange Red

I remember listening to this song in my bedroom with the disco lights going, and being overtaken by the magnificent scope and splendor of this timeless song and it's haunting melodies.

Her Majesty Intro

From the song on Lace and Steel. I stacked layers of two different techniques together, a harmonic section, and the Greg Howe style tapping on top of it.

Lace and Steel Album

"Squeegee" Advanced Tapping

From "The Sanctum" 2006, a short excursion idea for Astrolux, made into a mini feature. See the full feature below.

"In the Sanctum" Full



I had only been playing a year when I wrote this. I borrowed my friends 4 track and produced it and one other song. The sequence is the original, but everything else is new, including the 12 strings. Out of my longing for love, comes music...


This one was written for the most sublime of all heavenly angels, my Mother. I used the instruments she likes to hear. It is the first of a trilogy for 2016.


I wrote this just when I was starting Astrolux, in 2005. I wanted something easygoing that I could really soar over. "All is forgiven in the Angel's Dominion"...

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