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"The Aquafiers"- new film in production- casting soon.

Evet has begun work on his next science fiction film "The Aquafiers". Set in the not to distant future, it concerns a spaceprobe that lands on an ice planet of another star. Evet has built the cgi spacecraft, which features 4 separate elements: the orbiter, the lander, the rover, and the drone. The probe, "The Fornax" (after the constellation), is controlled from Earth by a 2 man team, with the assistance of their robot assistant "M.a.r.c.o".

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ASTROLUX: The Movie 10th Anniversary

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2016 marks the 10 year anniversary of Evet's cutting-edge Sci-Fi Music Video/Film "Astrolux". The first version of the film was released in 2006. It had a limited showing at festivals around Chicago. Evet remastered the film to HD in 2013.

Available now on the Astrolux page.


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